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Hello my name is Angel and im from Spain

Before a few months i bought a Mazda 2 2008 1.4HDI without engine only with manual gearbox and transmisions and ECU but no engine no wiring of the engine
after buying engine from Citroen C3 as they are same engines the engine wiring wasnt the same so i had to buy a wiring loom for the engine and the problem is that the original wiring of the mazda has similar connectors but cannot connect them because of PSA sensors and etc i have citroens engine wire so i though to cut and changes plugs but the colors are diferent and i dont know each plug where it goes so i need somebody to help me as i am stuck and i have long time googling about any scheme diagrams and etc tried autodata but nothing i made the positive to can reach dashboard and i tried with diagnostic tool to try if i can get the volts for each tool but nothing and thats why i am here asking your help guys if someone knows them or have same car same engine can help me with them
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