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What's up guys. I needed a daily and found a bone stock white ,2013 sport, manual, 25,000mi, owned by an older guy, with a compulsive need to change oil every 1,000mi at the dealership. Snagged it for $6000. Total score for me, no records of accidents and no signs of repaint (trust me, I can read paint like a book)

A little background on me:

I live in Hawaii. I've been a journeyman mechanic at Lexus, Audi and Bentley totaling around 10 years now.

I build motorcycles and drift cars mainly but just recently got out of the drift scene and just last week sold my last AE86 =(((((( Just can't risk losing my license. Some kid hit a triathlete while drifting and left her with life long injuries so they raised the penalty of drifting. He got like a year in jail.

I decided to get something reliable, good on gas, 4 door, manual, and voila. It was really between the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris but, I didn't like the Earth dreams direct injection and I just couldn't find a Yaris.

So I have fallen in love with this to meet like minded people and share ideas and mods that I will be doing to the car and also really excited to see your guys builds also!

I installed foglights.....annnnnndddd there were no independant foglight mods available, I took a look at the wiring diagram and I can see why. I figured out a simple way to bypass the headlight relay and BCM. SOOOOOOOO I'll write it up soon!


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