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Hey guys,

just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. My name is Gage and im from london ontario, Im picking up my first mazda 2 this thursday, its just the basic 1.5L DOHC 2011 version. I was a mechanic at a shelby mustang shop in ontario, and ive had a variety of cars from my most recent project which was a Boosted VR6 2000 jetta, 99 Civic SiR, right down to my old boosted mazda mx3 with a mazda BP swap. I dont fully know the capabilities of a mazda 2 YET because i just kind of baught it on an impluse yesterday however im looking forward to finding out what you guys have managed to squeeze out of these little cars and hopefully get a turbo or something put on this little bubble of a car :p thanks again!
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