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New Mazda2 owner in Long Beach, Ca

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I put some sway bars on my new car Saturday,
Then took it to the Sierras for an overnighter to try it out,
The car handled surprising well stock.
The Racing Beat sway bars (designed to work as a pair) enhanced it, without changing the over/understeer balance of the car.
The 'turn in' is faster with the sway bars than before in this video.
Checkout the 'Panda bear face' center dash! LOL! It really pops out in the light before I had the windows tinted.
I choose not to lower the car. I like having suspension travel and ground clearance for the back roads I like to drive on.
And the Mazda2 seems to get over 30 MPG no matter how hard I drive it!
My previous car was a 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP.
And before that I was a motorcyclist exclusivly.


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Awesome video!

I wish we had something like that in MN. Oh well!!
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