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Thanks for welcoming me here. I have to figure you folks are smarter that the general population cause you own this car. A car that just doesn't get the press it should here in the US. Most folks today are looking for big 4x4's i guess.

I just bought a 2011 Mazda 2 about a week ago. It's a touring model so its loaded, ha ha. Love the car. 5 speed gutsy little gem. I just recently sold my Mazda 3, also a 2011 with 91k on the clock. Ran fine with no problems, few dents and i let it go for 6k. Took the 6k and added another 2.5k and got the sweet low mileage (19137miles) Mazda 2. Beautiful shape and new tires and brakes. How could i resist? $8500, i feel it's a steal. Already I put on about 500 miles. It feels so much better to me than the 3. Just smoother, peppy and comfy.
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