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Obama’s budget plans to give cash to EV buyers

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Within a 4 year span Obama is trying to push for 1 million EV's(electric vehicles) on the roads of USA and it seems he has a way to reach this goal with a tax credit to EV owners of $7500 from what this website says: Obama’s budget plans to give cash to EV buyers

I'm staying away from EV's for now cause of the lack of resources. Where would you charge it??

Would a tax credit of $7500 make you more likley to buy a EV?

Who here thinks this is a bad idea? we are still in recession, stopping wasteful spending is needed to bring the economy back on it's feet. But do we worry about our economy? or our environment? its a hard decision.... lets here what you guys have to say about this.

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sometimes you have to spend money to do whats right/better and a tax credit of $7500 seems to be fair enough to make people want a electric vehicle......

i am also keeping away from electric vehciles, not worth it to me right now.....

i have a commuter car, it gets good gas mileage and im happy with it
having an EV with 7500 cash back isn't a good enough incentive.

Specially with cars like the Nissan leaf where the battery indicator doesn't exactly, show how much power is left, it could die @ any point when at low.

So i think i'll stay away from EV's for now...
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