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Carbon fiber hood
front uper strut bar
rear strut bar
interior backseat strut brace
rear shock brace
corksport carbon fiber wing
cold air intake. This will fit automatic
powersports exhaust
led black tailights.
rear tow hook
corksport license plate relocator

Best offer takes whole package or pieces. Selling car i leased it to a friend while i was over seas. I also have pics on here grey2billn is my screen name. I'm trading car in i also have 3d carbon body kit on car as well as carbon fiber splitter in from. please let me know if none wants anything im leaving in car for trade in

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Sent you a pm with my contact info. I'm also in NJ and interested I some of what you have if you are willing to split it up..

What I need:

Strut Tower Bar (have to see if it's STF legal before commitment)

If anyone else wants anything else, I'll buy the lot and ship you the balance. It's a great deal for what he has, if you want everything else.. Realize that the hood is going to be expensive to ship, but with what you'll end up paying for it, will be much less than new. I would figure $100 to $150 to ship the hood from NJ.

I will not buy the lot of this without other commitments.
Interested parties can email me [email protected] tell me what you want and are willing to pay for it. Lowballs are ok. If we reach $500 by this weekend I'll get it. if not I'll be sourcing my needs from other sources.
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