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I have a 2009 2 sport edition with OEM projection headlamps and cannot help feeling disappointed with their range.
I fitted a pair of phillips extreme vision thinking it was just poor stock bulbs but still feel let down.

I came from a mitsubishi colt with "standard" scatter headlamps and once upgrading the bulbs, found them fantastic. The mazdas lights however reviewed as giving a more focused beam of light, which might be true, I feel it doesn't light enough of the road, poor range and a very annoying V shaped dip right in the middle.

Living in he UK the highway code states that you should always be able to stop within the distance you can see to be clear, ie the distance of your lights at night, would dictate that on unlit motorways I would gave to travel at about 40mph!

Is this normal for ths type of headlight or do they simply require adjusting?

Thanks in advance,

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