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Remote Trunk Release with OEM Mazda 4-button Remote - HIDDEN feature

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I just received my new (used) remote in from Ebay with matching FCC ID (BGBX1T478SKE12501). This was advertised as the Mazda 6 OEM remote with 4 buttons.

I programmed the new remote, per instructions found on several online forums (, and the remote trunk release worked immediately! This is for the 2012 Mazda 2 with the electronic trunk release button on the rear hatch.

WHY would someone want a remote trunk release?
- you want to open only the trunk and not unlock all of the doors
- you have kids, and it's just easier to do one less step of pushing the button on the hatch (though you still need to press the remote)

I originally thought I would need to reprogram the remote entry unit or do some rewiring. I guess Mazda cheaped out (even though the 4-button remote probably doesn't cost any more than the 3-button version) on us.


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I am ridiculously surprised that it was that simple.

That is really awesome!
awesome! I just bought the same remote and cant wait to try this.

You are welcome.

Another note about remote programming - only two remote units are allowed to be programmed to a car. If you try to add a third remote, it will wipe the first remote out of its memory (first in, first out).
good to know I will keep that in mind in the future but for now I will only have 2 remotes including the one i just purchased. It should be delivered saturday hopefully I can get it cut and take care of the programming before the end of the weekend :)
Hey! I would like to get keyless entry for my 2012. I have power locks but no remotes. Where did you buy your remotes from and where did you get all of your information from? Was is it easy to program? I don't want to pay someone to set it up if I can do it myself!
thanks again man, I got my key today took it to my local mazda to get cut and had it all programmed and set up in less than 30 minutes round trip! best of all my local dealer didnt even charge me to cut the blank key! :)
remote key fob

hi there i have recently just purchased a 2008 58 plate mazda 2 sport but the previous owners handbag was stolen therefore i only have the key which has to be put in the door to open the car. does anyone know where and what remote key fob i can buy thanks. keith
I found a remote with the trunk button at a park, had nowhere to return it and took it home. Trunk feature works great, I ordered a new key template from ebay to get it cut for my car!
Do you think this would work with a Mazda 2 2011?
Apologies for thread resurrection -- but I am wondering where you can find the FCC ID on my existing Mazda2's 3-button fob?
Do you think this would work with a Mazda 2 2011?
I've also got a 2011 and would love to have keyless entry! Anyone know if this would work with the '11?

Along those same lines.. Did new 2011 Sports come with keyless entry? I find it so odd that there is not a button up front to open the hatch.
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