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There is an old thread about this so if you have contributed to the previous thread and have some helpful updates, I'm all ears.

I'm trying to install an after-market radio head unit in my 2004 Mazda 2 but there's a large PCB screwed in behind the facia blocking any alternative head units that would go there.
Here are a couple of photos for context.
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The actual heater controls are cable-operated abd the fan speed dial has it's own plug so this PCB is really only needed for the AC and rear demister switches, and the hazard light switch at the top.
With the PCB removed and the double DIN frame screwed back in place, it looks like an easy retro-fit if only I can get around the PCB issue.
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Tha double DIN outline just clears the hazard switch mount but but the AC and rear demister switches may get in the way a bit so I might just go with a single DIN unit mounted at the top and insert a plastic 'tray'.

So, does anyone know of a work-around for the PCB relocation or modification?
With the car being a bit older now, maybe there is retired car with the mods already done that I can purchase?


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