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Hi all, first post on here.

I am in the process of repairing some bits of the front end of my 07 Mazda 2 Sport.

I ordered 2 new headlights (these ones:

These look exactly as they appear in the pictures on the webpage.

When I went to do the swap, the headlight adjuster part is different, meaning that I haven't fitted them. So - the ones I bought (above) have a white plastic cog protruding from the headlight as pictured. The ones that came off the car have a different style mounting. So it looks like I have bought "manual" adjustment headlights, and the car has electric ones?

Does anyone know if this is a) correct and b) where I can order some of the correct "electric adjust" headlights from online? I can't seem to find anything other than the headlights with the white plastic cogs. A guy from my local Mazda dealership gave me part numbers "D651 51 OKOE" & "D651 51 OLOE" as the "correct original parts", but I can't seem to find them that way.

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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