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I returned home last night after spending the last week at Road America for the SCCA National Championship Runoffs. My official purpose was to run 2 cars in Spec Miata. We finished 3rd and 8th in an ultra competitive field.

Unofficially I was promoting the Mazda 2 as a racecar. And promote we did. SCCA sponsored a tent specificly for the new B-Spec racers. Since I was paddocked accross the street, I kept the Alien with me.

6 other B-specs where there; The factory owned Mazda 2 that raced at Thunderhill last December, a Toyota Yaris, A ford owned Fiesta, a factory Fiat 500, a MINI with stickers (but otherwise unmodified) and a street Chevy Sonic. Also committed to the series are Kia and maybe Nissan.

For club racing, the B-Spec cars will be raced in Showroom Stock C (SSC) for 2012 before getting a class of their own in 2013. There are 2 pro series in development at this time. Nothing announced, but both seem likely.

The B-specs had a lunch time demonstration run on Friday and Saturday. We where told to mix it up and put on little show, so I did. Winning our non competitive race. On Sunday one of my Miata drivers took the wheel and loved the idea.

Advanced Autosports has been invited to the SCCA test session at Grattan Raceway in Michigan next month.

We will be debuting the Alien in race trim at Blackhawk Farms on October 8-9 for the SCCA Regional race.


When you say the factory owned Mazda 2 B-spec racer, do you mean the heavily modified one that was featured in nearly all the popular car mag's and online blogs?? If it is, im jealous, would love to see that thing in person.

Any pic's from these SCCA events?

Thanks for the interesting read!
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