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hi all !

i have mazda 2 2009 with annoying problem ... when i drive my car and need to switch the shifts between d to r or p or l or s and i switch back to d the shifts display often deosnt show the letter D and after few seconds it show up ... in that time i can feel the trannsmition has a little knock but when the d back it run regularly ...
ihave been in mazada service place and they connected a pc and they say there is nothing wrong ... so they decided to replace the shifts lever sensor that is locate on the trannsmition this sensor shows the gear position ... i drive the car 2 days and the problem didnt solved ...
i go back to the service and they say the sensor need to be reset , they reset it and i go back 1 day after still the same problem ...
then they decided it maybe the battary or alternator but it fail ...
if someone here knows or had the same problem and can help me i will be glad
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