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Both cars i'm considering , are brand new and both are 2011. Similar prices too. Which one would be better for a student as a first car, and which one will have less problems, safer and more durable etc.? Any advice is appreciated
What country are you in? Thats should be part of the equation. I have owned both brands of cars. How easy it for you to get parts, locally and if you import yourself? Which one is stolen more? check your insurance agent.
what engine size are you looking? Are you looking to add aftermakets items? strut bars etc.. See which one has more offerings.

Assuming you are looking at a Swift:
The Demio (2) is slightly longer.
Demio (2) has better fuel mileage (theoretically on the 1.3L)
Demio (2) was slightly cheaper for me.
I can get parts easier for the Demio (2) in the USA but none for the Swift.
JDM Demio has better crash rating than Swift (but THAT DEPENDS ON WHERE THEY WERE BUILT AND THE INTENDED MARKET).Indian Swifts and South American versions are CRAP.
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