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Stand up and be counted: Who owns a Mazda 2?

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For those who already have a Mazda 2, sign in here.

What model did you get? Color? Accessories?
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2011 2 touring

I have a 2011 mazda2 touring blue in color with manual trans.
Hi there.

2012 Mazda 2 red, rebadged as Demio
I have a 2011 sport thats gray my wife has a 2012 touring thats green
Hi there.

2012 Mazda 2 red, rebadged as Demio
Forgot to say, manual transmission. Wife has a 2013 Mazda 2 red, automatic transmission.
2011 Mazda2 Sport Manual, black. 25,000 miles.
Pretty much gave up looking for accessories after over 2 years of searching.
2013 sport manual, white. Installed an OEM armrest.
2013 Mazda 2 silver automatic.haven't installed any accessory yet.just want it plain and simple for now..
2012 Mazda2, Spirited Green Metallic, Sport, Manual, w/ OEM armrest. Got it at a great price at a Toyota dealer. Lol
I have 2011 Sport and my wife has a 2012. my has Corksport exhaust,intake,strut bar brace,
Mine Mazda 2 TS AC in true red & a few mods....

Julie (wife) has the M2 Tamura in spirited green with mods....

The lad (Dan) has M2 TS2 1.4TDi grey metallic re-sprayed matt white with black gloss roof & mods....

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I know post are old here and people aren't posting much but I am interest in getting a 2014 Mazda 2 touring and found one at a great price. Going to have the integrated bluetooth put in also which I was hoping to find out if anyone else had done that and how it works? I'm getting the zeal red it's so pretty. I'll know Monday if my deal works out and the dealer sticks by the price they gave me. I'm excited I currently have an old 2002 Escort ZX2.
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