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Greetings everyone, I'm PSCYHED about the my brand new Mazda 2, and therefore psyched about this forum! (But why do the pages take so long to load?)

I got my Mazda2 sport (manual, no frills) for exactly $13,000 from a local dealer who advertised it on Craig's list as having "hail damage". Other than a truly nearly imperceptible ding on the hood, there is no sign of hail damage. I'm sure he listed it as such and discounted it because it was manual transmission and he just couldn't sell it. So, is that a good price? I think so.

Anyway this is exactly the car I needed. Zippy, manual transmission, fun to drive, good gas mileage. I find that I am not missing xm radio (the FM radio and auxiliary jack are fine), not missing the trip computer (i know how to divide gallons into miles), bluetooth (got a solar powered one for $20 that sounds GREAT), or any other of the frills. Who needs that stuff? The clutch is light but not too light, the shifter is a dream and it starts like a jackrabbit and stops on a dime. I am always looking for excuses to go for a ride!

One thing that does bug me a little. The lack of console for storing items (iPod, coins, etc). I have seen that you can purchase an aftermarket "armrest" that is pretty pricey. Has anyone used one these? Does it install easily and securely?

One last question, how many miles should I expect from a tank of gas (in combined city and hwy)? Does "normal" gas mileage kick in or does it take a couple of tankfuls to settle into to its habitual consumption?

Thanks for your responses!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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