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Look at the vette as it does a burn out.

You may think its some inexperienced kid but nope,

If you watch the video below with no background information, it looks like a newb stacking his Corvette Z06 while doing a burnout. Chalk it up to an ID10T error and move on, right? Not exactly, since the guy behind the wheel is an experienced drag racer who routinely turns mid-tens in the quarter mile. Just before this burnout, the car ran a 10.6 at the same track, so what happened? Per the driver’s feedback, the clutch was slipping and the traction control was acting strange. He doesn’t define what the traction control was doing, but I’d venture a guess that it was turned off for the burnout and somehow got activated. The result was the up-close-and-personal encounter you see with the guard rail below. Ouch.

Traction Control.. sucks period..
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