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Hi There!

I'm new to this forum and hereby my introduction.

I started with a mazda 323 '94 BG Hatchback.! Really loved this baby
I have driven it for about 8 years.

Though the bodywork was getting worse I also wanted something new...
So i bought a Mazda 6 Sportbreak 2.3 Active '07, also with an expanding family in mind...

Because of our new family member and practical reasons a small 2nd car would be a nice thing to have...
Logically the Mazda 2 passed my mind !

This is it!

Model/Type : Mazda 2 1.3 Hatchback 5 drs 1.3hp GT-L
Bouwjaar: 2012-06
Brandstof: Gasoline E95

Engine size: 1.3L (1349 cc)
Power 62KW (84BHP) /
Torque 121nm
Topspeed: 172 km/u
Acceleration 0-100 km/u: 13,60 sec

Standard Options:
- 15inch LM Wheels
- blinded rearwindows
- Navigation
- Foglights
- Spoiler

in the Netherlands the Bi-Feul was a common installed option. But because of the problems and
maintenance costs our dealer took out the whole system.
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