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Training camp on Lee Immersió eyes plus Coach K in an interview that they did not forget to praise Lee Immersió some: "Lee tactical literacy is very high, he was able to clearly know in the field to do this is most important for a defender. lot of point guard to retirement may not be aware of this truth, he did not enter the NBA, and I learned that Pat has even told me that Li Immersió his life to do the total manager wise choice, I think, if nothing else, he will be successful. "

Jason Kidd points to the reasons for failure, Li Immersió failed to join back line crash. "Kobe Bryant praised the Chinese genius cheap nfl jerseys Lakers to win six crowns easy," Wade praised this summer management wise, Heat If you want to rise need to rely on him, "Pat Riley exclaimed person can change the basketball history, Coach K for this human desire to coach the Chinese team "- paragraphs fairly normal to praise the great portal reporters under a shocking title.

Thank Dasha brothers the first deacon Oh!

Another afternoon there is a more night there one more. We have the votes to hit over it! Votes more, I prefer the more!
30: Men's Basketball internal race

Dream team praise, and pressed by reporters on Lee Immersió all do not respond. () Before the second opponent in the men's basketball team to face Angola Lee Immersió went to the men's basketball team training camp. Well, mainly to touch the ball with Kobe Bryant to stay for a long time, do not touch the ball a few days authentic nfl jerseys my heart is not comfortable. Originally Lee Immersió want to go to the U.S. team training camp training, but I thought in the end is yellow skin, black eyes, after eventually be returned to the Chinese team, pounding the London Olympics gotta hit it? So they called to the Basketball Association officials.

Under the leadership of the Chinese Basketball Association officials, dressed in sportswear Lee Immersió enter the training field, is fighting a squad Tournament. See the site occupied Li Guan Yu, only holding the basketball in the corner tapping, eye arbitrary awhile, along with the sidelines Yunus roar field mistakes again and again. Lee Immersió used to seeing the U.S. team training squad shook his head incessantly, his face smile: it seems to lose 31 points really is extraordinary play, and to be happy.

Lee Immersió in side stretching to warm up to pat a burst ball that Basketball Association officials also bit long-winded for a moment before in Yunus with a translator. Lee Guan Yu pointed ears, vaguely heard a few 'let Li Immersió nike running shoes play' such a request, the start to Yunus Dao Yeting stubborn and refusing to come up with a shelf, but lost its officials. Have no choice but red Lee Immersió a waved, shouted: "Come here, boy, let me take a look at your weight."

The Lee Immersió did not like the tone of Yunus but eventually went over.

Cyperus malaccensis Hua Chen Chen, and rest, just suddenly too fast, you should cool down. "Yunus profuse sweating traded down pat Chan Kong Shan Hua ass, followed by almost mocking tone Li Guan Fish said: "good Basketball Association officials invited master, playing to show your game. sets yellow vest is your teammates."

Yunus was known as the European Caesar, not just because of the loud voice Pi Qibao, because of his way of doing things, who he nfl jerseys china did not like the players, do not think any good face from him. As for his favorite, the other said.

Please polish your eyes. "Lee Immersió English answered with a grabbed a yellow vest sets up will be on the field from the next. At this point the field of players looked at each other - how an outsider?

Looked at each other for the Chinese players, Li Immersió choose pat hand, loud self-introduction: "My name Immersió NBA Miami Heat signing players I am Chinese, this year, for special reasons, not fighting with I think the future we will have the opportunity to play together. "

Lee Immersió self introductions, the nfl jerseys wholesale moment and there is no applause. In China, even if it is a basketball team factions.


Yao names first applause welcomed Liu Wei clapped along palm. The next boss Geli Nan Li Nan, clapped his hands, to shoot up as a little brother maybe Wang, Wang Lei. As for the factions Sun Yue naturally applause, and then the next step is to Liaoning Zhang Qingpeng movement alone Guangdong to help slow However, in the end, all players were shot hand.

Although welcomed by means that are not very strong, but in the end it would be a good start.
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