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Heres info i found on a mazda 2 in another country

here are some specs but its a crazy build!

The car have a custom exhaust manifold
Turbocharger Toyota CT-12A from a Supra Twin-Turbo 1JZ
External Wastegate at 6PSI (0.42 Bar)
AEM WideBand
Koso Gauges
O.Z Ultraleggera Wheels 17"
Injectors from a mazda6 2.3 N/A
Front Mount Intercooler 24X7X2.5
2.25" Intercooler Pipes
HKS Blow Off Valve
Greddy Style Oil Catch Can
2" Exhaust pipe
OEM MazdaSpeed3 Exhaust Muffler
AEM F/IC-6 (Not installed yet)


anyways more info here in the original forum

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Dude thats a crazy build, its amazing host fast some of these guys get to work on boosting their cars. This guy just need a drop of some sort or something to be able to handle all the power, other wise hes just going to be rolling all over the place.
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