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My new used Mazda2 has stock wheels and stock Yokohamas that look half gone after 33k. The car I had got totaled right after I'd put 4 new Michelin Defenders on it, size 205/65R15. I want to put these on my Mazda2.

I checked actual dimensions and there appears to be clearance in wheel wells.

Any reason I can't ??? Please reply. Thanks!
The Mazda 2 (2014up)originally had 185/55/15 (offset 45mm) or 195/45/16 (offest 50mm)

Right Away I can see that you are adding 10.78% which is way too much.
You are adding 63mm (2.48 inches) to the Diameter and you would probably need a rim with an offset that is larger otherwise you may be sticking the rim out past the car?

When your speedo says you are doing 62MPH you will only actually be doing 56mph.

a 185mm width tire uses a 6" wide Rim. The 6" rim as at the limit for a 205 tire. the 205mm tire will ideally need 6.5 to 7" rim.

Expect MPG to go down and possible Camber wear due to the larger tire.

If your 2 is equipped with electronic assist steering there is theoretically more strain on the assist motor (but that is yet to be seen).

Lastly, mount it on your rim and test it, turning the wheel lock from left to right.
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