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What do you least like about buying a new or used car?

There's a lot of factors involved when buying a car, a survey done by consumer reports show what people least like about the whole process.

Here's what I least like about buying a car.

- Not knowing if you got a good price
- Researching
- Concern for Reliability

Consumers are clear on the two things they least like about buying a new car: the cost (30 percent) and the dealership experience (22 percent). In a recent survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, adult car owners said by a large margin that these are the two greatest turnoffs.

The survey is based on 1,764 random, nationwide telephone interviews of adult car owners, exploring attitudes and trends related to car buying.

What do you like least about buying a new car? (Percentage)

Cost of the car: 30
Dealership experience: 22
Financing: 6
Trading in or selling old car: 5
Not knowing if you got a good price: 5
Making the final choice: 4
Researching: 3
Time committment: 3
Browsing ads or classifieds: 2
Concern for reliability: 1

When it comes to used cars, consumers are most concerned about reliability (24 percent), with dealership experience (11 percent) ranked second, despite that many used cars are bought privately.

Used cars are attractive purchases since the original owner suffered the steep, initial depreciation hit. However, there is greater risk when buying used, and there are valid concerns about how a vehicle has been treated and how it will hold up. Buying a car with a track record for above-average reliability and having it inspected by an independent mechanic can go a long way toward ensuring a relatively trouble-free ownership experience.

What do you like least about buying a used car? (Percentage)

Concern for reliability: 24
Dealership experience: 11
Cost of the car: 8
Not knowing if you got a good price: 7
Researching: 4
Trading in or selling old car: 4
Time commitment: 2
Browsing ads or classifieds: 2
Financing: 1
Making the big decision: 1

Survey reveals what car buyers least like about buying a car, and it isn’t the dealership
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I completely agree with you, but at the same time we cannot ignore the fact that although knowing about good price, Researching and Concern for Reliability seems very boring and inconvenient but they are very essential to spot a good car for yourself.

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What I least like about new car is, you don’t know about its performance and previous record. Not every part is tried and tested before so that’s the thing I don’t like. And on the other hand you can’t rely on used car as well. So I think restoring your old car with used parts is a good idea. I’ve done it and its profitable too. Last month I bought a used transmission for my Mazda and I got really an amazing deal.
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