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83 Mazda B2000 Bulletproof and fun to drive.
88 Mazda B2200 See above. Very car like, unlike even other small trucks.
92 Mazda B2600i See above. Beat a 911 on a windy road.
92 Mazda B2600i Used. I knew it'd still be reliable and fun. Still own it.
07 Mazda CX9 Sport. 7 Passenger Rocket. SO fun to drive, and totally reliable.
11 Mazda 2 Current car. Didn't give up nearly as much as we thought vs. the CX9. For 100HP, this is a fun car to drive, and got up hills just fine. Not even close to the slowest car on the road.

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Early 80s B2000 pickup, beater when I had no money

Bought first Miata in 2001, red VERY early production 1990. Built April 89
Since then have owned approx 100 Miata. Most have been converted into Spec Miatas.

Current Miata Stable:
Red 91, SM
Gray 91, SM
White 99, SM
Red 97, SM
Black 93, SM
White 99, Will be SM, currently has supercharger installed
White 99, Auto trans for the girlfriend, street car
Gray 96, project car wannabe
Red 91, project car. 1900 pounds, 165hp
04 gray Mazdaspeed Miata
99, Barney purple, SM to be

Traded my 04 red Mazdaspeed Miata on the 2

Girlfriends daughter just bought a red, touring, auto trans 2 last week.

Approx 30 customer Spec Miatas in the shop.
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