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Wireless CarPlay dongle

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Can anybody recommend a good wireless CarPlay dongle please?
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I'm using CarLinkit 3.0
CarlinKit 3.0 - U2W plus-Carlinkit Official Website | Smart Driving Safe Traveling

The pairing process was not difficult, and once you have paired your phone with the dongle, it automatically connects within 10-20 seconds after starting up the engine or the ignition switch is ON.
There have been some rare occassions where it just wouldn't connect, or sometimes it went unresponsive and the screen froze up which may be because it overheated. However, it became usable again after unplug and replugging the dongle so it's not a big deal for me.
Their newest iteration (CarLinkit 5.0) also supports wireless Android Auto and supposedly the overheating problem should be better as it has heat dissipation holes on the sides now. However, I cannot vouch for it since I have never tried it.

Bottom line, I think CarLinkit 3.0 is good enough if you only have iPhones and want wireless CarPlay. If you also have Android phones and want to switch between wireless Android Auto and wireless CarPlay, then may be consider CarLinkit 4.0 or 5.0 as well.
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