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Howdy all!
Just signed up here, because I have an issue with my 2013 2 Sport.

Yep, I searched already, nothing came up about the wrench indicator light.

Light came on a few weeks ago. Not the check engine light, just the little wrench. OBDII readers (mine, Advance, O'Reillys) show no codes.

BTW, eventually the check engine light DID come on. That code was P0703, Brake Circuit. Turns out the brake pedal switch went bad. Easy fix, $15 from Autozone, no more check engine light. But the dang wrench is still there. Ugh.

So, I happened to be near the Mazda dealer and pulled in. First I got the run-around about 'maintenance due' or whatever, but this is a Sport model, no maintenance schedule, no Nav cluster. Finally some genius figures out the Sport doesn't come with any of that stuff. (The funny stick poking out the center of the dash should have been a clue, but whatever)

So now they say it's 'kind of' a check engine light, and they need to keep it in the shop (!!) Based on what I've seen so far, they have no clue what they're talking about. I do not have time to sit around while they scratch their heads about it. I just need to know WHY the wrench light is on, so I can fix it myself (probably).

All searches have come up empty, regarding the Sport model. The 'reset' technique does not do anything either.

Anybody else have this problem before? Solution? Is there some kind of secret procedure for getting the car to tell you what it wants?

2013 2 Sport 'The Meep'
- Corksport short-shift kit with '2' pool ball for a shift knob
- Corksport intake with K&N-style filter
- CDT speakers all four doors
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