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Hi my name is Ernie Francis jr and I am the youngest pro driver in the USA. I have raced Spec Miata for a year and go-karts since I was 4 before that.I have won many races and my sponsor recently got me a Mazda 2. Check out pics on my website:

Testing was started on my new race car. It is a Mazda 2 B-Spec car that I will race in Grand-Am next year. It was at Homestead and I was running the Mazda 2 in ERME and racing the Miata in FARA. I was able to put down very respectable times that were only 3 seconds on a my Spec Miata's pace in a bone stock car with Spec Miata tires on. I got a 1.53.4 at Hometead running the road course (no banking), while SM's get 1.49.0 on average. Hopefully by the next event it will be caged and race ready. I believe the car, lightened, caged, and more power will be about the same speed as a SM. Here are some pictures of the test.

We have started the build process on our B-Spec Car. So far we have gutted the inside and took out 200+ lbs from the car. we will be caging and painting the interior soon.


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